History of the Department

History of the Department

The Department of Civil Law and Procedure was founded in 2000.

The first head of the department was Candidate of Law, Associate Professor O.M. Novoshitsky. Candidate of Law, Associate Professor O.S. Yankova headed the Department from 2001 to 2014. These scientists have made a significant contribution to the formation and development of the Department, establishing a worthy tradition of professional teaching of legal disciplines and research.

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Koval Iryna Fedorivna headed the Department from 2014 to 2020. Candidate of Law Uralova Yuliya Pavlivna is acting Head of the Department since 2020.

The Department has a high staff potential, which provides the appropriate level of educational, methodological and research work. The Department has more than 10 teachers. There are 2 doctors of law and 9 candidates of law.

The purpose of the Department is to achieve a high level of quality training of lawyers, which ensures the leading position of the University in providing educational services, competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, creates conditions for full integration into the European educational and scientific space. This is done with innovative learning technologies, combining their own experience with the best world practices.

Teachers of the Department provide the process of preparation of applicants for higher education levels «Bachelor» and «Master» in accordance with educational and professional programs «Law» in the following disciplines: «Civil Law», «Civil Procedure», «Family Law», «Intellectual Property Law», «Labor Law», «Social Security Law», «Corporate Law», «Enforcement of Obligations», «Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights», «Protection and Exercise of Civil Rights and Interests», «Inheritance Law».

The Department constantly develops and updates elective courses for students, including: «Preparation of procedural documents, «Medical law», «Protection of the rights of business entities», «Review of court decisions in civil proceedings», «Social protection law», etc. Judges, practicing lawyers, and lawyers are involved in teaching special courses.

Teachers of the Department prepare students to participate in the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works, All-Ukrainian Olympiad in law, international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences.

The field of research of the teaching staff of the department is modern problems of legal support of rights and interests of participants of property and personal non-property relations in the following areas: legal protection, commercialization and protection of intellectual property rights, legal regulation of corporate relations, legal regulation of decent work, legal regulation of intermediaries, problems of non-contractual obligations in civil law, application of penalties, etc.

Teachers, graduate students of the Department take an active part in international scientific and practical conferences, «round tables» held in Ukraine and other countries.

The author’s team of the Department has published more than 30 textbooks, manuals and monographs during the existence of the Department. In particular, there are monographs «Economic and legal regulation of relations in the field of industrial property» (I.F. Koval), «Protection of rights in the field of industrial property» (I.F. Koval), «Corporate governance under the laws of Ukraine: theoretical and applied problems» (O.A. Belyanevych, A.V. Myagky), «Economic and legal regulation of intermediary activity in the field of insurance» (Y.P. Uralova), «Problems of realization and protection of personal and property rights of parents and children» (L.V. Krasitskaya), «Legal bases of compulsory liquidation of economic societies» (L.M. Doroshenko), «Legal regulation of mergers and acquisitions» (N.V. Shcherbakova), «Theoretical and axiological principles of legal regulation of decent work in modern conditions of state formation» (L.P. Amelicheva) and others.

 Teachers of the Department have more than 8 publications indexed in the scientometric database «Scopus».

Teachers of the Department are co-authors of collective monographs «Legal support of environmental entrepreneurship (“green” economy)» (2018), «Innovation infrastructure in the context of the national innovation system (economic and legal issues)» (2012), «Economic and legal aspects of economic development of Ukraine» (2013); co-authors of the Great Ukrainian Legal Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Commercial Law (2019), Scientific and Practical Commentary on the Commercial Code of Ukraine (2008).

In 2020, the collective monograph «Protection of the rights and interests of participants in property relations: issues of theory and practice» was published on the 20th anniversary of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure.

Teachers of the Department published the following textbooks: «Commercialization of intellectual property rights» (2018), «Corporate law» (2018), «Protection of intellectual property rights» (2010). Teachers of the Department co-authored the workshop «Economic Law» (2018).

The Department is the initiator and co-organizer of the annual All-Ukrainian debates on civil law and process «Mastery of judicial speech», co-organizer of the All-Ukrainian judicial debates on labor law. In 2018, the All-Ukrainian competition on labor arbitration in labor law was launched. Competitions in labor law have acquired the status of international competitions since 2019.

The Department trains graduate students in the specialty 12.00.04 – business law; economic and procedural law. Postgraduate students are supervised by: I.F. Koval, Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor; L.M. Doroshenko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor; N.V. Shcherbakova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor; L.P. Amelicheva, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor; E.A. Pisareva, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.