Faculty of Law

the faculty of the future, which trains specialists with the help of new methods and forms of organization of the educational process, forms a highly educated and truly professional class of lawyers of the “new formation”


The Faculty of Law, established in 1983, is one of the youngest and largest faculties at Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University …

General information about the faculty

Time-honored traditions of the classical university learning are in combination with modern methodologies of teaching and actual scientific researches.

Educational process at the Law Faculty:

  • are over 800 students that study in educational programs of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree;
  • highly skilled professors and teachers, that read courses to not only the students-lawyers but also to the students that study in other educational programs, in particular, political science, management, international economy et al, assisting the same the integrations of educational association;
  • an educational laboratory is the “Legal clinic” of Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus;
  • it is brining in of students to scientifically-research and expert activity;
  • it is passing of practice in public, local self-government authorities and in advocatory and legal companies and other business entities;
  • are scientific groups, legal competitions, and student conferences;
  • about 75 educational disciplines, that include not only profile legal subjects but also such courses, as “Logic”, “Philosophy”, “Foreign language” and other, that form general culture competences;
  • are modern information technologies, distance educational technologies and electronic informative resources, which answer to world standards.


Educational qualification level of a person who based on complete general secondary education has acquired basic higher education, fundamental and special skills and knowledge of the generalized object of work (activity), sufficient to perform tasks and responsibilities (works) of a certain level of professional activity, provided for primary positions in a particular activity.


A master’s degree is an educational and qualification level of a specialist who, based on a bachelor’s degree, has acquired in-depth special knowledge and skills of research and innovation, has some experience in their application and production of new knowledge to solve problematic professional problems in a particular field.

Student self-government

President of the Student Council of the faculty

Kateryna Lapchevska

Vice President of the Student Council of the faculty

Anastasia Martseniuk 

Secretary of the Student Council of the faculty

Victor Ivanets

Head of the Department of Project Work

Maksym Babyk

Head of the Information and Communication Department

Victoria Ostapchuk

Head of the Volunteer Department

Nadia Drach

Head of the Cultural Department

Olexandr Yakushev

Head of Sport Department

Amina Malashyna

Head of the Educational and Scientific Department

Daria Klapoushchak 


Department of Business and Administrative Law

Department of Civil Law and Procedure

Department of Theory, History of State and Law and Philosophy of Law 

Department of Constitutional, International and Criminal Law