Department of Business Law

The Department of Business Law is a structural unit of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, the main mission of which is to prepare graduates with a set of systematized knowledge, skills and practical skills, ways of thinking, professional, ideological and civic qualities, moral and ethical values, competencies in law, related to academic disciplines taught by the teaching staff of the department.

Seven associate professors of the department, candidates of jurisprudence provide the educational process at the Department. Six of them have the academic title of associate professor and one senior lecturer. The department actively involves lawyers-practitioners (in particular, judges of commercial courts, lawyers and other practicing lawyers) in teaching disciplines.

According to the educational program 081 «Law» of «Bachelor’s degree» the Department provides teaching of such disciplines as «Commercial law», «Commercial procedural law», «Land law», «Environmental law», «Agrarian law», «Competition law», a number of disciplines of economic and legal direction at the choice of the student. According to the educational program of «Master’s degree» teachers of the department offer to study courses of the student’s choice of economic and legal direction, including author’s courses «Problems of economic legislation», «Problems of economic procedural law», «Legal service of business entities», «Investment law», «Recreational law»  and other important disciplines for training a specialist in the field of management.

Teachers of the department actively participate in preparing students for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works, All-Ukrainian Olympiad in law, international and all-Ukrainian scientific conferences. According to the long-standing tradition, the department annually holds All-Ukrainian competitions in business law and process named after S.Z. Mikhailin.

The sphere of scientific interests of the teachers of the department are the problems of legal regulation of the organization and implementation of economic activity, the problems of economic litigation, the problems of legal regulation of agrarian, land, ecological and natural resource relations. Teachers of the department are the authors of a significant number of individual and collective monographs, scientific articles and other scientific publications in these areas.

The department trains postgraduate and doctoral students in the specialty 12.00.04 – business law; economic and procedural law. Currently, 15 graduate students of the second – fourth years of study are being trained.

Teachers, graduate students and students take an active part in international scientific and practical conferences, “round tables” and other scientific and practical events held in Ukraine and other countries.

Currently, two teachers of the department are members of the specialized academic council K 11.051.12 of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University for the defense of candidate dissertations in the specialty 12.00.04 – commercial law, commercial procedural law.

Acting Head of the Department

Yevheniia Oleksandrivna Lypnytska

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Business Law

Освітні програми

Спеціальність 081 «Право»

Освітня програма «Право» (СО «Бакалавр)

Формування здатності розв’язувати складні спеціалізовані завдання у сфері права з розумінням природи і змісту його основних правових інститутів, а також механізму правового регулювання різних суспільних відносин

Освітня програма «Право» (СО «Магістр»)

Формування загальних та спеціальних компетентностей, необхідних для розуміння природи, функцій та закономірностей розвитку системи права, правових явищ, а також механізму правового регулювання суспільних відносин у певних сферах; вирішення конкретних наукових та практичних завдань; проведення самостійних оригінальних наукових досліджень, отримання результатів інноваційного характеру відповідного рівня професійної діяльності.