Scientific experience and innovative work of the Law Faculty of DonNU of named after Vasyl Stus from the fundamental and applied problems of jurisprudence is effective foundation of preparation qualitatively of new specialists at higher school. Collective of teachers, graduate students, and students of the Law Faculty of DonNU of named after Vasyl Stus actively develops the five-year research state budget theme the “Legal providing of socio-economic development: the state and prospects” (registration number 0118U003140).

The Law Faculty actively cooperates with Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Supreme Court, Department of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

One of innovative steps of the faculty there is creation of general office of the Donetsk regional scientific Center of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and educational scientific laboratory of the Law Faculty of DonNU of named after Vasyl Stus.

The educational scientific laboratory of research and illumination of problems of law, legal “Expertly-inquisitional activity” and criminalistics laboratory function at the faculty.

The Law Faculty publishes its professional magazine “Pravnichiy chasopis of Donetsk National University”, that is included to List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine from legal sciences according to an order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 28.12.2017 № 1714.

At the Faculty work is actively conducted with graduate students and doctoral students. Securing of dissertation works for the receipt of scientific degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD (Law)) take place in specialized scientific soviet K 11.051.12 (a chairman is a Doctor of Legal Sciences, professor, Koval I.F.).

The Law Faculty carries out a collaboration with foreign higher educational establishments such as: the European humanitarian University (Vilnius, Lithuania), University of Maribora (Slovenia), Zagreb University (Croatia), International Institute of innovation “Science-Education-Development” (Warsaw, Poland), Iyagilonskiy University (Krakiv, Poland), Caspian public University (Kazakhstan) and other in relation to scientific internship of lecturers, preparation of master’s degrees, preparation of scientific publications.