International cooperation

Over the years, the Faculty of Law has proven to be a reliable and active partner, open to new proposals, a generator of new projects.
International cooperation is one of the strategic activities of the Faculty of Law. It is aimed at improving the position of the faculty in the system of higher legal education of Ukraine, its integration as a whole and its individual structural units in the world educational and training space, the establishment of strategic partnerships with foreign countries.

The main goals of international activities:
• increasing the competitiveness of the Faculty in the market of educational services, its authority in Ukraine and abroad;
• ensuring the quality of educational and scientific activities, the attractiveness of higher legal education;
• strengthening cooperation and interuniversity relations with foreign universities and international organizations, foundations of Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada and the United States;
• gaining additional competitive advantages through access to new technologies, sources of scientific information as a result of internationalization of educational and research processes.

Tasks of international cooperation:
• achievement of international quality standards in the field of educational programs. Coordination of the curricula of the faculty with the curricula of the partner universities according to the relevant educational programs;
• formation of human resources for the participation of the faculty educational community in national and international educational programs;
• creation of optimal conditions for academic mobility for teachers seeking higher education;
• ensuring stable relations of the faculty with foreign subjects of partnership in the research field;
• achieving the international level of competitiveness of the results of research activities of the faculty;
• development of language training of teachers, staff, applicants for higher education;
• development of export of educational services among foreign applicants for higher education.

International activities are carried out in the following areas:
• participation in the activities of international organizations, foundations, as well as in international scientific and educational projects;
• scientific-analytical, organizational, expert-consulting and information support for the implementation of national and international educational programs;
• development of international bilateral and multilateral relations of the faculty;
• development and implementation of joint master’s programs with foreign freelance partners, including in a foreign language;
• creation of an effective system of retraining and advanced training abroad (Life-Long Learning), further dissemination of experience, development of stable partnerships;
• development of language training for teachers, applicants for higher education;
• admission and training in master’s programs of foreign applicants for higher education;
• scientific cooperation with foreign partners, organization and holding of international conferences, seminars, round tables, summer schools; organization of lectures by visiting professors;
• participation of higher education students, faculty members in international research activities.

The Faculty of Law of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University cooperates with foreign freelance partners: Great Britain, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States of America, Croatia, etc.

Good examples of cooperation are the long-term partnership of the Faculty of Law: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb (Croatia), Faculty of Law, University of Maribor (Slovenia), Mateja Bela University (Slovakia), European Institute of Continuing Education (Slovakia), Academic Society. Michał Baludyanski (Slovakia), Prešov University in Prešov (Slovakia), Caspian Public University (Republic of Kazakhstan), International Institute of Innovation “Science-Education-Development” (Poland) and others.

With the participation of foreign experts on the basis of the Faculty of Law of Vasyl Stus DonNU in 2020-2021 academic year. the following events were held:
1. A lecture was given for teachers and graduates of Doctor of Law Heiko Richter, Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich (Germany) on the topic: “Current trends and methodology of legal and interdisciplinary research in Germany and the world” (18 February 2021);
2. Participation of faculty members in the project “Strengthening teaching skills in Ukraine” of the Saxon Center for Higher Education Didactics with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2020);
3. Participation of faculty members in the “Project Management and Entrepreneurship Campus” in the program “Development of a competency-based approach to teaching and learning”, organized by the NGO “Higher”, the British Council in Ukraine, Pearson, Dinternal Education with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science 2020);
4. Participation of teachers and graduates in the International Academic Workshop on “UNDERSTANDING CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC PROCURMENT, MECHANISMS OF MONEY LAUNDERING AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, AND BEST PRACTICES FOR ASSET RECOVERY “with the support of USAID within the USAID New Justice Program with the involvement of leading experts, representatives of law schools of Ukraine and the USA;Applicants for higher education participate in international legal competitions in international public law named after F. Jessup “The Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition”, media law North East Europe Regional Rounds of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition, as well as in international conferences, seminars, summer schools.

Teachers of the Faculty of Law of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University have developed in English the disciplines “International Law”, “Professional Responsibility of a Lawyer”. Developed 2 distance courses (“European human rights standards”, “EU transport law”). Appropriate educational and methodological support in English has been prepared.

In order to improve the standards of English language learning in the USAID New Justice program, faculty members participated in the discussion of the Model Legal English Course Syllabus (2021); USAID New Justice’s project and implemented training series on distance teaching, learning and examination technologies. Strengthening Law School’s Teaching During Quarantine ”(March-May 2020).