For students

The Law Faculty of the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus welcomes you in our large and friendly family, love to that only grows strong at the years. Everybody stands on the threshold of choice of life course. From this choice depends, or there a person will be happy. What profession to choose? What to occupy? You chose one of the most popular and prestige professions – legal profession. Not so much it will be in the world of specialities so respected and honored, and simultaneously so difficult. To be a lawyer – it’s a large honor and huge responsibility.

Congratulates you with embodiment of your aspirations and realization of dream, in fact for many to become the student of the Law Faculty means realization of the cherished desire. Let all your hopes justify oneself, and herein you will be helped by administration of faculty, its highly skilled faculty professors, responsible and sensitive employees, students of senior courses and graduating students that are one huge friendly family.

Wish to you endless interests on the heavy, but enthralling way of attaching to new knowledge, successes, and good luck as far as advancement by this way, forces, and inspiration. Let studies at the Law Faculty become one of sources of your vital pleasure and gladness of existence.

The head of the faculty

Iryna Fedorivna Koval


The head of the student self-government

Kateryna Lapchevska