History of the Faculty

The Law Faculty, created in 1983, is one of youth and at the same time by a most faculty in the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus. History of his creation is inalienable part of long-term history of the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus. Near the sources of creation and forming of Law Faculty such known domestic scientists stood as: academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, V.P. Shevchenko; academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.K. Mamutov; corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, V.D. Volkov et al. These throughout year Law Faculty grew and prospered, accumulated experience, and effectively realized modern educational strategy.

The Law Faculty carries out preparation of bachelors and master’s degrees both on the budgetary and on contractual forms of studies on the educational program “Law”.

The studies of future lawyers provide four departments of Law Faculty:

  • department of Constitutional, International, and Criminal law;
  • department of Theory, History of State and Law and Philosophy of Law;
  • department of Civil law and Process;
  • department of Business and Administrative Law.

The graduating students of Law Faculty have the widest possibilities in the choice of profession. Our graduating students work in executive public authorities, judicial system, office of public prosecutor, organs of local self-government, legal firms, they are successful advocates, notaries, legal advisers, leaders and partners of legal firms, enterprises, and organizations.

Prestige of Law Faculty and higher education institution in general is determined by personnel, schools, level of the scientific work. Professors of Law Faculty are a gold fund of our collective. The scientists, specialists, that have large experience of the pedagogical and practical study advanced, known to all Ukraine work with students. Among them doctors of sciences of R.F. Grinuk, I.F. Koval, A.N., T.V. Mikhailina, R.O. Movchan, Y. V. Hotsuliak,Y. M. Pavliuchenko, L. P. Amelicheva, O. A. Belianevych, candidates of sciences.

Except the traditional disciplines sent to the receipt of knowledge from the theory of the state and law and basic fields of law, the educators of Law Faculty are work out the row of authorial courses, the aim of that is a deep study of features of the legal adjusting of certain public relations, analysis of problem questions of theory and practice in the field of corresponding. Under the direction of educators of Law Faculty of master’s degree work prepare and are on the defensive after international law, constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, economic law specializations.

With the aim of providing of indissoluble connection of theoretical studies with legal practice to the educational process experienced practitioners are involved, such as: judges and advocates, workers of office of public prosecutor organs, justice; leading workers of legal services of public and commercial subjects.

The Law Faculty publishes its professional magazine “Pravnichiy chasopis of Donetsk National University”.

With the aim of increase of scientific potential of Law Faculty, the postgraduate study is open after corresponding legal scientific specialities; preparation of candidate’s dissertations is conducted.

The Law Faculty is adjusting a collaboration from training of scientific personnel of higher qualification with leading higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine.

Also, it is focus on international cooperation in industry of training of scientific personnel, strong international connections are supported with the foreign partners of countries of Europe, USA, Georgia, countries of Baltic, etc.

At the Law Faculty, the Educational laboratory of department of constitutional, international and criminal law, activity of that is sent to opening of potential of students and their preparation as high-professional specialists, is created. Also, at the Faculty, the first in Ukraine Center of practical studies of students-lawyers, that had for an objective to give possibility to the students during studies to acquire practical legislative skills is created in 1996.

For today corresponding work comes true within the limits of legal clinic of “Probono” from the grant of free legal aid to the socially unprotected and of scanty means layers of population, Club of young lawyer, that engages in legal education of student’s young people in an interactive form, Legal debating-society within the limits of that students have the opportunity to develop oratorical capabilities and to produce skills of conduct of professional discussion, and also imitation clinics, from maintenance of subjects of menage. A few years a legislative studio “Educational Civil procedure” works at the faculty, within the limits of that students have the opportunity to prepare judicial documents from the most actual and difficult cases of civil jurisdiction, to participate in the model judicial meeting maximally close to the real trial and to get estimations and professional advice from the judges of the Appeal court of the Vinnytsya area.

The feature of educational process in legal clinics and housemanships is development of the interactive methodologies sent to making and fixing of certain practical skills. It requires permanent perfection of educational methodical base, use in the educational process of international experience of legal schools of countries of Europe, USA, Republic of Poland, Georgia, and other countries, also the last achievements of computer and informative technologies.