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The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, established in 1983, is one of the youngest and at the same time promising faculties at Donetsk National University.

History of creation of the Faculty of Law is an integral part of a long history of the Donetsk National University. Among the founders of the faculty there were such well-known Ukrainian scholars as: V.P. Shevchenko, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine; V.K. Mamutov, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; V.D. Volkov, corresponding member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and others. All these years the faculty has grown and prospered, gained experience and effectively implemented modern educational strategy.

The faculty prepares bachelors, specialists and masters of jurisprudence. Four departments provide their training:

  • Department of Constitutional, International and Criminal Law;
  • Department of Theory and History of Law and Administrative Law;
  • Department of Civil Law and Procedure;
  • Department of Economic Law.

Our graduates have good perspectives of employment. They work in government bodies, judiciary, prosecutor’s offices, local government bodies, law firms. They become successful lawyers, notaries, legal advisers, managers and partners of law firms, businesses and organizations.

The image of the faculty and the university as a whole is based on their teaching academic staff competency and skills. Our students are taught by the famous all over Ukraine scientists and law specialists who have great experience in teaching, research and practical work. Among them there are academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.G. Bobkova, Doctor of Jurisprudence R.F. Grynyuk, Doctor of Jurisprudence I.F. Koval, as well as Candidates of Jurisprudence.

In order to raise the efficiency of the faculty we launched the postgraduate courses on relevant legal and economic specialties and made agreements on training highly qualified scientific personnel with leading higher education and research institutions of Ukraine. The faculty also focuses on international cooperation within the field of scientific personnel training, maintains strong international ties with foreign partners of European countries, the CIS and the USA.

During the long history of the faculty academic staff have prepared and published a great number of textbooks, manuals, monographs and articles. A range of centres and laboratories aimed at eliciting student’s potential and training highly qualified specialists have been established at the Law Faculty: Youth Centre for Law Research; Centre for Computer and Informational Technologies; Pre-University Training Center; Centre for Practical Training of Students; Law and Constitutional Law Research Centre; Centre for Cultural and Aesthetic Education of Students; Centre for Employment Assistance to the Graduates; Association of Faculty Graduates.

The Law Faculty is the faculty delivering specialists’ training with the new methods and forms of educational process organization. The first in Ukraine Centre for Practical Training of law students was established at the Faculty which is now the only one Centre in Ukraine combining 18 legal clinics and 3 internships working within the corresponding specialty.

A special feature of the education process in legal clinics and internship is a wide use of interactive methods aimed at acquisition and reinforcement of certain practical skills. It needs constant improvement of teaching materials, using international practice of law schools of the USA, Russia, Poland and other countries in the education process and latest achievements in computer and information technologies. A characteristic of the Centre for Practical Training is providing free legal service to the low-income people residing in Donetsk and Donetsk region.

The Centre for International and European Law was established in 2003. Its aim is to support and coordinate legal research concerning international, European, comparative law and human rights, improving forms and methods of education, practical training of law-students, establishing cooperation with similar organizations in Ukraine and abroad, participating in international education and scientific projects in the sphere of law.

At the present day the Centre combines leading national specialists in constitutional law, international law, human rights, European Union law, European economic law, young researchers, post-graduate students and studentship. One of important activities of the Centre is elaboration of the curricula in international and European law, collaboration with foreign higher education establishments and funds. Every year the Centre organizes international, all-Ukrainian, regional research and practice events at which lecturers, scientists, students, representatives of judicial and other law enforcement bodies both of Ukraine and other foreign countries, layers, representatives of human rights organizations are involved.

Students actively participate in the administration of the Faculty through student government bodies (student council, student managers’ council, sport club, hostel student council, Social Care Fund for Students). Student researches, social care for studentship, organization of entertainments are the main activity directions of the student government bodies.

The Law Faculty is a future faculty provides lawyers, economists and managers training with the help of new methods and forms of educational process organization, preparing high-skilled and qualified lawyers and economists of the ‘new formation’.