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Terms of Enrollment

Training of specialists at the Faculty is conducted on full-time and part-time bases. The training can be financed either by the state (budget form) or by a student (contract form). Thefaulty delivers traiing in bachelor, specialist and master degrees.

Bachelor’s degree on the basis of the General Certificate of Complete Secondary Education.

Type of study: full-time with required period of study and part-time with required period of study.

Duration of study: full-time — 4 years, part-time — 5 years.

Full-time and part-time study is financed by the state or by individuals or legal entities.

Terms of enrollment

Applicants should submit the following Certificates of independent testing for the following fields of study:

  • Law: Certificate in the History of Ukraine (subject in major— no less than 140 points), Ukrainian Language and Literature, Foreign Language or Mathematics (on student’s choice).
  • Documentation science and Information Activity: Certificate in the History of Ukraine (subject in major), Ukrainian Language and Literature, World Literature or Mathematics (on student’s choice).

The exception is provided by the special category of people, determined by Admission Rules of Donetsk National University (see Admission Rules). They have right to take part in a competition according to the results of External Independent Testing or entrance examination in subjects needed to take part in a competition in the Donetsk National University on their choice.
Donetsk National University can allow the applicant who has less than 124 points in non-major general subjects in the Certificate of External Independent Testing to take part in a competition in case he has no less than 170 in general subject in major.

Bachelor’s degree on the basis of the junior specialist diploma.

One who has obtained education and qualification level of junior specialist can be enrolled to the first academic year of the part-time study with a certain number of places to obtain education and qualification level of Bachelor on condition of entering related field of study (Law, Law Enforcement Activities).

Type of study: part-time with reduced period of training. Period of study: 3 years.

The study is carried out on the basis of the funds of individuals and legal entities.

Terms of enrollment

  • Graduates of higher education establishments of I-II accreditation level, who have junior specialist diploma in the related field of study while entering contract places with the reduced period of training pass entrance exam in major in the form of tests.
  • Each applicant takes tests of various complexity on the theory of state and law, constitutional, administrative, criminal, civil, housing, family and labour law and other fields of study.
  • In competitive selection of applicants with education and qualification level of junior specialist entering reduced period of training, a competitive rate is established according to the results of the exam in major using the scale from 100 to 200 points. Minimal point should be no less than 124 points.

Bachelor’s degree on the basis of Higher Education Diploma (second higher education)

You can get second higher education at the University if you obtain basic (educational-qualification level of Bachelor) or full (educational-qualification level of Specialist or Master) higher education.

Type of study: part-time with reduced period of training.

Period of study: 3 years.

Training is financed by individuals and /or legal entities.

Enrollment terms:

  • Interview concerning chosen major, held during admission campaign (exact date of the interview is to be clarified in the Admission Commission when submitting documents).
  • Applicant, who wants to enter Law major of the Faculty of Economics and Law and get second higher education, is to be interviewed within following fields: choice of future profession, current issues of social and political life of Ukraine, modern development trends of the state and law of Ukraine, Constitution and laws of Ukraine, etc.
  • For knowledge level identification an applicant can be asked on the Basics of Law or tested on the following subjects: Basics of State and Law Theory; Constitutional, Administrative, Criminal and Civil Law, etc. In case of positive interview results the Commission makes decision (minutes are prepared) on enrollment to the third course.

Specialist’s and Master’s degrees

Type of study: full-time and part-time.

Period of study: 1 year.

Training is finaced by the state or individuals /legal entities.

Enrollment terms:

  • Applicant passes entrance tests in major and entrance examination in foreign language.
    Rating index of an applicant, who wants to earn educational-qualification level of Master, is calculated for competitive selection as the sum of following grades: grade, obtained at the examination in major; grade, obtained at entrance examination in foreign language; grade point average of Supplement to Basic (Full) Higher Education Diploma; grade of state examination (grade point average); applicants scientific rate, which is calculated according to indexes, defined by the Admission Commission as the sum of scientific index points.
  • Applicant passes entrance test in major to be enrolled on educational-qualification level of Specialist.
    Rating index of an applicant, who wants to earn educational-qualification level of Specialist, is calculated for competitive selection as the sum of following grades: grade point average of Supplement to Basic Higher Education Diploma; grade, obtained at the examination in major.